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Here at Soccerkids coaching school we pride ourselves on providing high quality coaching for players aged 4 and upwards. Our aim is to to produce creative, entertaining and skillful football players. The majority of our coaching is completed at Metropolitan Police Sports club in Chigwell.

All players who attend our coaching sessions receive a high standard of coaching from coaches who are CRB checked and qualified who spend their time developing our players to ensure that they reach their full potential..

At Soccerkids we look at all players from a holistic point of view. We approach our coaching from 4 areas.

Physical – Running, moving, agility, balance and co-ordination.
Technical – Dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting and basic goalkeeping.
Social – Interaction with coach and players, making new friends, effective communication, having fun and learning.
Psychological – Making good decisions based on learning, feeling comfortable in the environment provided, solving football based problems.

We see it as our job to provide a sound foundation at a very young age to help players achieve their potential not only as a player but as a young child.
Our coaches possess the skills and knowledge of how young players learn and how important it is that players feel comfortable to try new techniques and skills and not be afraid of making mistakes when doing so.

All players who attend have the chance of joining at team albeit at the level where they will bet be able to improve at their own comfortable rate. We have teams of all abilities and we constantly look at the individual players to monitor their progress and to make sure that they are in the correct practise and playing group.